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இதழியல் சிந்தனை

Media Censorship and Media Freedom (Specific to South Asian Countries)

“This Keynote speech is delivered by Hon’ble Chairman of Press Council of India, Mr. Justice C.K .Prasad at the Awarding of Certificates for the Batch V of “ Diploma in Media Studies & Journalism held in BMICH on 2nd of August, 2017 organized by Sri Lanka Press council under the patronage of H.E.the President of Sri Lanka.”

The Rise of the National Movement and Religious Newspapers

“On Poya days, they tell people to come to places of worship with flowers and lamps, and to hold religious ceremonies, processions and public gatherings. For that, they publish religious books and newspapers. What that book, the newspapers, and those meetings do is organize the masses against the English government, the Queen, under the guise of religious propaganda. So those businesses should be banned. Those newspapers should be stopped. Those authors, leaders should imprison and control them.”



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